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About IPS Academy!

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The School is affiliated to the C B S E Delhi and thus, in the matters of Admission, Examination, Scheme of Studies, Attendance and other relevant matters the School ensures very strict adherence to C B S E Curriculum, Bye Laws, and Guidelines. Under Subjects of Studies, till X, the School offers three languages, viz, English, Hindi and Sanskrit (till VIII). The learning areas also include Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Work Education, Art Education and Physical Education.


At Higher Secondary Level the School offers English Core,  Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Information Technology & Yoga, General Studies, Work Experience and Physical and Health Education. These subjects are offered in groups and, presently the Institution offers the following Groups:


• English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Physical Education


• English Core, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics & Physical Education


• English Core, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics & Physical Education


General Studies, Work Experience & Physical and Health Education are compulsory for all despite the choice of their group. At the time of registration for admission to Class XI, the students can show their choice of groups in the order of preference. However, the groups will be allotted purely on the basis of MERIT, ie the Grade obtained in the AISSE. Under normal condition, all who have been students of IPS ACADEMY BHIND in X Class and have secured a passing grade (above 'E') are eligible to be admitted to XI Class. However, if the Principal feels, admitting a student could be detrimental to the Institution and the fellow students his/her admission will be summarily rejected. The School has around 160 seats under Science, Maths & Commerce. Normally, everyone interested in getting admission manages to get a seat but, the possibility of getting the group of their preference depends on their performance in X. The changes brought in by the C B S E, from time to time, in Curriculum and other related matters are/will be implemented with immediate effect.




Why Study With Us?
From Last 13 years we have honor in providing education.

Excellent Safety Measures
School provides safety to its student at every level.

Eco-Friendly School Building
IPS Academy is situated in lush green compound, makes it eco friendly.

IPS Academy Bhind
Rush before all seats are reserved for current batch.

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